game assets
graphic design
Intern Visual Designer
Sep 2018 – Feb 2019

During my game artist education at Mediacollege Amsterdam, I had to work two periods of 6 months as an intern. But because I went on my first internship 6 months earlier than the rest of the students, I did three periods instead of two. The internship at Gamebasics was my third and final one.

I worked mostly on game assets and graphic design for marketing purposes. I had a great time meeting all the employees and I have learned a lot from the people I worked with. It was amazing to work on a game that is known all over the world by millions of people!

Graphic design

I had never worked on graphic design for social media before this internship and it was a great way to learn it. We made in-game live event announcements and social media posts.

Game assets

I made game assets like buyable items for character customization, icons and UI designs. It was a long time ago I worked with 3D software but one of the designers helped me get through it. The 3D assets are made in 3ds Max, which I had never used before. It was a little bit challenging but the feedback was very nice.