game assets
graphic design
Intern UI Artist
Sep 2017 – Jul 2018

During my game artist education at Mediacollege Amsterdam, I had to work two periods of 6 months as an intern. But because I went on my first internship 6 months earlier than the rest of the students, I did three periods instead of two. The internships at Gamepoint were my first and second.

Internship period 1

In the first period, I have been working in a team with two other interns. A developer, a designer and an artist (me). Our main objective was to make and develop new game concepts. After pitching our ideas, we started to produce one of them. The games were casual (multiplayer) mobile games. Genres like: match 3, bubble shooter, puzzle and gamble games. We made five games in this period, so it was like five weeks per game. I worked mostly on UI but next to that, I was responsible for UX, animation, sounds and general game assets like backgrounds, particles (unity particle system), cards/boards for the card/board games and some 3D models.

Internship period 2

In the second period, the interns I was working with left and I joined the casino/platform team of Gamepoint. There we worked on casino game prototypes and the release of Gamepoint Casino. My responsibilities were UI/UX, game art, graphic design, sounds, animation, research and implementation in Unity. I worked on four prototypes and Gamepoint Casino got released!