NOS Sport

graphic design
Current job
December 2019 - Present

The NOS is a public broadcast corporation that has the task of providing the Dutch people media in the field of news, sports and events. I'm part of the sports section where I work on content for our social media channels.

The content we make is published on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and our own website In the social media team, we focus mostly on Instagram and YouTube but sometimes we post the same items on the other platforms. We share sliders, video’s, quote’s, statistics and match results based on the latest sports news or special events.

Animated explainer videos

We create these videos to explain a type of sport or a certain event.

NOS Sport Archive

The corona pandemic has its impact on sports as well. Lots of sports events had to be delayed or even cancelled. Normally we depend on these events, so we had to create new content to keep our social media channels alive. One of the concepts we chose to go for was the NOS Sport Archive. We used amazing old footage to show historic sports moments.


Sliders are news articles made in a social media-friendly way. We translate articles into brief stories supported by graphic design. The sliders are not always based on written articles. Sometimes we create our own items because some subjects are only popular for the social media target audience. Like the new player ratings in the videogame FIFA.

FIFA 21 top 5 Dutch player ratings

Equestrian sports virus

Football and streaming services

Start of the new darts season