Spotify Thumbnails

Spotify has the feauture to upload your own thumbnails for your playlists. I wanted to give my playlists a visual boost so I made a few thumbnails for my favorite artists.

These designs are not official for Spotify but to develop my skills in this field of design.




Game UI, UX, CGI

I'm making a menu for a shooter game. Combination of After Effects and Photoshop

Coming soon!

Football Edits

Graphic Design

I combined my love for design and football to make these awesome football edits

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Gamebasics Internship

Game Art, Graphic Design, Marketing Design

The results of my internship at Gamebasics as UI Artist Intern

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Gamepoint Internship

Game Art, Game UI, Unity

The results of my internship at Gamepoint as Visual Interface Designer Intern

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Video Channel Branding

Graphic Design, Video Edit

A few logo's, banners and intro's for some video gaming channels.

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